Halsey Reveals Why She Chose BTS’s Suga To Collaborate With Her

She said the sweetest things about him!

Halsey released a track with BTS‘s SUGA entitled “SUGA’s Interlude,” and the song has been the talk of the town since the moment it was released.

She talked about her collaboration with SUGA, and how excited and happy she was of finally releasing the song and having the world hear it.

SUGA, one of the members… We’ve released a song together yesterday, which was really exciting. And so, getting to celebrate with him in person, and to have the rest of the guys be around for it. It’s like a lighting in the bottle to have that happen in the same couple of days. So, we’re really happy about it.

Halsey revealed the reason why she chose SUGA to collaborate with her among the seven members of BTS. Her answer touched the hearts of ARMYs and she just gave the fandom more reasons to love her!

What I was hoping to do was give him a place to kind of, just speak his mind, and maybe not share it with six other members. Just me.

Halsey also talked about how it was working with SUGA on the song, and only had positive things to say about their collaboration.

He (SUGA) took full advantage of the space, and his lyrics are really thoughtful, and they’re really amazing. It’s perfect for my type of album. This album is very autobiographical, and it feels like he was speaking from the heart. I just knew he was the perfect person to do it.

She also posted a short and heartfelt message about her collaboration with the BTS member on her Instagram account about how they put a lot of effort into crafting the song. She adds that she feels very honored to have a song that goes beyond barriers be part of her album.

ARMYs are always thankful to Halsey for treating their boys well, and she is thankful for them as well.

They’re (ARMY) super amazing. The song with SUGA shot right up to the top of iTunes. It’s right up there, number 2. They’re super super supportive.

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