Halsey Reveals How She Ended Up With Her Own Glitz-And-Glam Mic Matching BTS’s

Her thoughtful friends didn’t want her to feel left out.

During BTS‘s opener for Jingle Ball 2019 in Los Angeles, Halsey graced the stage with the boys to perform their hit collaborative track, “Boy With Luv”. There, she showed off her own glittery microphone that matched BTS’s — leaving ARMYs full of UWU over their undying friendship.


And in her most recent Road to Manic episode on YouTube, Halsey revealed how she came to have her own, gold, glitz-and-glam, BTS microphone! She shared the idea may have gotten into the members’ heads when they first performed “Boy With Luv” together.

So the first time we ever performed “Boy With Luv” together, I was making a joke that they have sparkly microphones and I felt left out.

— Halsey


Though it was all in good, playful nature, BTS didn’t let Halsey’s joke slip. The video showed Halsey being surprised with her own glittery microphone set backstage at Jingle Ball!

They gifted me my own sparkly mic. And it was really thoughtful and really amazing that I got to use it!

— Halsey


Here are BTS excitedly presenting Halsey with the microphone case, bearing her name in more glittery goodness:


And Halsey’s reaction to this extraordinary gift from her most thoughtful group of friends was as golden as the microphone itself!


Can BTS x Halsey get any cuter than this?


Watch the full episode of Road to Manic here: