Halsey Was Touched That BTS Practiced Longer Than They Needed To Just For Her

She could feel how caring they were.

Halsey shared a little bit about her friendship with BTS during an interview where she surprised them on iHeartRadio. She’d praised them for working hard and revealed how she’d felt when they practiced together.

She shared how touched she had been when BTS had taken the time practice with her. It was so long that she’d felt like it was simply so she would feel comfortable.

But, RM and the rest of the group quickly disagreed. He explained that Halsey had done a lot to accommodate them, such as coming to Korea and learning their choreography.

Suga even chimed in to say, “She’s a good dancer.” And, that’s high praise coming from a member of BTS.

Although they have differing views on the situation, the strength of their friendship is apparent in the way they speak about each other.

If you haven’t already, check out their friendship in action here.