Ham So Won Reveals What It’s Like To Be Closer In Age With Her Mother-In-Law Than Her Husband

“If we met outside of this marriage, she’d be my unnie.” – Ham So Won

Ham So Won recently made an appearance on SBS Plus’ Are You Eating Well, where she talked about her special relationship with her mother-in-law.

But before that, Ham So Won confessed that her husband, Jin Hua is 18 years younger than her, as she’s 45 years old and Jin Hua is 27 years old.

My husband is 27 years old. He still has 3 years left in his 20s. That’s why I have to take extra good care of myself.

– Ham So Won

When asked about her mother-in-law’s personality, Ham So Won revealed,

She’s good at cursing, and she says whatever’s on her mind, but doesn’t hold any grudges.

– Ham So Won

But the most surprising revelation was when Ham So Won confessed that she’s closer in age to her mother-in-law than her husband.

I don’t know about how we look, but we’re actually not that different in age. We’re only 13 years apart. There’s a lesser age difference between us than between me and Jin Hua.

– Ham So Won

She continued,

There are times when the beliefs of me and Jin Hua don’t align. But me and my mother-in-law are on the same page. Whenever my husband says something, we tell him, ‘You’ll understand when you get to our age.’ If we met outside of this marriage, she’d be my unnie.

– Ham So Won

Ham So Won got married to Jin Hua back in 2018 after 1 year of publicly dating and became a hot topic of conversation due to their age gap.

The couple is currently starring in various variety shows where they reveal the ins and outs of their marriage and how they overcome their differences.

Source: Insight