Ham So Won Confesses Malicious DMs Are Making Her Question Jin Hua’s Loyalty as a Younger Husband

The malicious DMs are starting to haunt her.

On a recent episode of Channel A’s Heard It Through the Grapevine, Ham So Won revealed the shocking malicious DMs she’s been receiving about her husband, Jin Hua, and how that’s been affecting her at home.

As a guest on the show, Ham So Won confessed,

I’ve been suffering from continuous malicious messages via DM.

– Ham So Won

And she revealed the DM that’s been bothering her the most.

Someone keeps sending me messages saying, ‘Your husband, Jin Hua will cheat on you with a younger woman.’

– Ham So Won

But what’s even more devastating is the fact that those DMs have been getting to her.

Every time I get one of those messages, I end up asking Jin Hua, ‘Do you like older women or younger women?’ I can’t help reacting that way.

– Ham So Won

Even before this confession, Ham So Won confessed on multiple occasions that she’s been suffering from malicious messages about her husband.

On an episode of TV Joseon’s Wife’s Taste, Ham So Won shared,

99% of the DMs I get on social media are along the lines of ‘let Jin Hua go.’

– Ham So Won

Furthermore, last March, Ham So Won revealed the malicious messages that she received which targeted her character.

You don’t do anything as a mother.

You can’t even dance.

– DMs

At the time, Ham So Won pleaded netizens to stop by posting, “Please stop sending me DMs. I’m not the type to get hurt, but I still get hurt sometimes.

Ham So Won married Jin Hua, who is 18 years younger than her, back in 2018, gaining much attention from the media and public.



Source: Insight