Ham So Won Reveals Her Worst Fear Of Being Married To A Husband 18 Years Younger

Ham So Won is currently 45 years old while her husband is still in his 20s.

Ham So Won (45) recently made an appearance on SBS Plus’ Are You Eating Well, where she opened up about her biggest worry while being married to her husband, Jin Hua (27).


After entering the entertainment industry in 1997 through winning Miss Korea, Ham So Won began her activities in 2008, and 9 years later, she surprised the world with the news of her dating Jin Hua, a Chinese fashion businessman 18 years younger than her.

Ham So Won and Jin Hua got married after just 1 year of dating publicly, and despite their happy lives together, Ham So won revealed her biggest worry of being married to a man who’s 18 years her junior.

She confessed,

My husband is still 27 years old. He still has 3 years left in his 20s. If I happen to pass away first, he’ll be able to remarry with another woman.

– Ham So Won

She continued,

I’m worried because I don’t know if that new woman will treat our daughter as if she’s her own.

– Ham So Won

Ham So Won even added that she insured her daughter, Hye Jung for 100 years just in case.

Whatever the reason behind her worry that her husband might remarry if she was to pass away earlier, Ham So Won expressed her neverending love for her daughter by revealing her dream.

To live a long time for my daughter.

– Ham So Won

Here’s hoping her wish comes true!

Source: Dispatch