Han Hye Jin Says It’s Okay for Her Boyfriend to Have Almost No Money in Savings

Han Hye Jin has an easy-going mindset.

On a recent episode of KBS Joy’s Discovery of Love, the hosts had a discussion based on a story of a man who only had 2 million won (~$1700 USD) in savings while wanting a special wedding with his girlfriend.

Regarding the issue of a man with less than 2 million won in savings, the hosts expressed contrasting opinions.

Han Hye Jin expressed that she’s okay with it as long as he can change their spending habits in the future.

I’m okay with him having only that much in savings. As long as it can be guaranteed that he can change his attitude and start saving the paychecks that come in in the future, it’s all good.

– Han Hye Jin

Kim Sook agreed with this and added that it was simply a matter of the man’s attitude.

I’m okay with only having 2 million won in savings. But I think that man has a problem with his attitude.

– Kim Sook

On the other hand, Kwak Jung Eun criticized the man in the situation and expressed that she wouldn’t be able to put up with it.

I feel like if he only had 2 million won in savings after working for a year, I’d lose all affection for him. How can he be confident? He has a problem with his attitude and lacks a sense of reality.

– Kwak Jung Eun

In response to Han Hye Jin’s open-minded answer regarding the matter, fans are responding with supportive comments such as “With a heart like that, any man would like her“, “Why don’t I have a boyfriend when I have the same mindset?“, and “I hope she meets a good man“.

Source: Insight