Top Model Han Hye Jin Reveals How To Exercise While You Shower At The Same Time

Weight loss is all in the small habits!

One of Korea’s top models, Han Hye Jin, known for her incredible dedication to her body, revealed a secret tip. She shared the special way she washes her hair in order to tone her body at the same time.

She shared that when shampooing, one should bend over.

She demonstrated how to do it.

The trick was to bend over as much as you can! Han Hye Jin claims that by doing this, you will be stretching out your hamstrings at the same time.

She shared that she does this every single day and makes sure to thoroughly wash her hair from nape to crown.

It’s hard to be a model! Catch more of her stringent self-management tips on her episode of I Live Alone below.

Source: theqoo