Han Hyun Min Was Detained By Immigration At The Airport For +2 Hours For This One Reason

He may laugh about it now, but it wasn’t funny at the time.

In addition to facing obstacles in the modeling world, Han Hyun Min has also run into trouble at airports due to his African-Korean heritage.


The teen supermodel revealed his immigration woes during an episode of Happy Together. 


Han Hyun Min told the hosts that he is afraid of going through immigration because he is bound to seem “suspicious” to airport security.


Han Hyun Min’s worries became reality when he tried to return home to Korea from a trip to England but couldn’t pass the security check.


Since Han Hyun Min appears foreign, airport authorities expect him to have a foreign passport.


The model’s Korean passport made security personnel do a double-take. They didn’t believe he was Korean.


As a result, he was called in for questioning. This was problematic because Han Hyun Min does not speak English.


After two hours and a phone call to his Korean mother, Han Hyun Min was finally released from detainment.


His travel troubles don’t stop there though! Han Hyun Min followed up his airport story with one about a Chinese massage parlor.


When Han Hyun Min told his masseur that he was from Korea, the masseur didn’t believe him!


Han Hyun Min kept insisting he was Korean, but the masseur couldn’t be convinced.

Luckily, Han Hyun Min has a sense of humor about these things.


This Happy Together guest summed up Han Hyun Min’s experience perfectly.


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