Han So Hee Asks Fans to Scold Her If She Ever Starts Screwing Around in Sincere Blog Post

“If I ever start screwing around…” – Han So Hee

Han So Hee, who rose to superstardom following her role in the record-breaking drama, The World of the Married, recently shared a series of letters she wrote to fans over the course of four dates following the drama’s airing.

The sweet and sincere letter posted to Han So Hee’s own blog reads as follows:

May 9, 2020

I really wanted to upload the photo of the coffee truck you sent me, so I posted it, and I’m thinking about how to express my gratitude.

That’s the first coffee truck I’ve ever received from fans.

What made you think to send me a coffee truck? I was so happy, touched, and proud all day long.

May 30, 2020

I was writing that above when I had to hurry back to filming, so that’s why I came back to post it on my blog. I didn’t want to say hello just for show, so I was a little late. I’m sorry.

The World of the Married came to a final close with the awards ceremony.

I’ve been thinking again and again about how to thank you, but the conclusion was that I couldn’t express it in words.

June 8, 2020

Here I am greeting you for the third time. How have you been? I think it’s gotten hotter out. I used to hate the air of the air conditioner, but today, my hands gravitated toward the remote.

– Han So Hee

June 21, 2020

I’m finally finishing this post on June 21.

I wrote it over and over again thinking my sincerity would get across if I did, but now that I have enough time to ask how you’re doing in a more leisurely way, I’m trying this again.

Did you eat today? It’s a little past lunch right now. I hope you eat. I haven’t been able to remember meals these days, so I’ve been busier than when I was filming because of going to the oriental clinic, taking oriental medicine, and doing yoga. I’m taking oriental medicine when I never used to even put any medicine near my mouth.

My body was worn down because I kept eating take-out and food from the convenience store. They taste the best though. Delivery steamed monkfish is really good. ‘Jjawang’, too. Anyway, it’s hard enough working in this heat, so let’s not get sick.

I’m doing just fine. Thanks to my fans who know that no news is good news, I’ve been able to get some proper rest.

What’s different now is that so many fans leave meaningful comments on my blog that it takes quite a while to read them all. Those who liked me before as well as those who like me now are all just as precious.

As we live our lives, I hope we can make up for what each other miss or overlook and even rebuke if necessary.

I know this might come off as flatulent, but I’m telling you to scold me if I ever start screwing around because I get blinded from the overwhelming love you shower me, haha.

I wish you a good rest of your Sunday, and let’s go at it again on Monday. I’ll be back.

– Han So Hee


Source: Dispatch