“The World of the Married” Han So Hee Says Her Friends Keep Asking What’s Wrong

“I’ve often heard people ask me, ‘What’s wrong?’ when I was just fine.” – Han So Hee

With the enormous popularity of the drama, The World of the Married, actress Han So Hee‘s popularity skyrocketed, putting much attention on her gorgeous visuals.

But Han So Hee gave her honest input regarding what her face actually looks like to the people around her.

Han So Hee described her face as one that seems to have been through a lot.

She confessed that the people around her describes her face as one that belongs to someone who’s been through hardships and that the friends around her always ask her what’s wrong because of her resting face.

I’ve heard many times that I have a face of someone who’s been through a lot. Because of my face, I’ve often heard people ask me, “What’s wrong?” when I was just fine.

– Han So Hee

But Han So Hee put a positive spin on this trait of hers and expressed her desire to play many different roles.

I want to have a go at many different roles, and I think this quality will help me get there.

– Han So Hee

Following her appearance on the drama about adultery and revenge, many fans have been admiring her gorgeous visuals, but this is surely a new take on her face!

Check out Han So Hee’s honest confession in the clip below:

Source: Insight