Han So Hee Once Explained Why She Wanted to Star in “Hello, My Twenties! 3” as Her Next Project

Can you picture Han So Hee in a drama like “Hello, My Twenties!”?

Following Han So Hee‘s killer role in the record-breaking drama, JTBC’s The World of the Married, much attention is being paid to the talented actress’ next project.

As a result, Han So Hee’s 2018 interview where she revealed what project she wanted to star in next has resurfaced in online communities.

In an interview with bnt, Han So Hee vented about how she was new to Seoul and didn’t have many friends.

I came up to Seoul later in my life, and I’m a rookie who just debuted, so I don’t have any close actress friends.

– Han So Hee

She then revealed that she wanted to star in Hello, My Twenties! if a third season came out.

Han So Hee explained,

Since I don’t have many close actress friends, I want to star in a drama about the friendship between girls. I want to act in it as well as make real-life friendships.

– Han So Hee

But in contrast to what Han So Hee wished to work on back in 2018, she made her name known all around the world with a very contrasting role in The World of the Married.

Regardless of the contrast, fans are expressing their wishes to see Han So Hee in such a role through comments such as “I’d love to see that“, “If Han So Hee stars in Hello, My Twenties!, I’ll watch it for sure“, “I think that would suit her“, and “Please make a third season of Hello, My Twenties!

Hello, My Twenties is a popular drama about the friendship of girls in college. Two seasons have been released thus far, but Han So Hee fans are now hoping there will be a third.

Source: Insight