Han So Hee Says She Doesn’t Want to Get Married After Starring in “The World of the Married”

Adultery isn’t the only reason Han So Hee doesn’t want to get married anymore.

Han So Hee, who took the world by storm with her spectacular acting in the record-breaking drama, The World of the Married, shocked fans by confessing that she no longer wants to get married because of the show.

In a recent interview about the popular show, Han So Hee opened up about the hardships that came with playing the role of a woman who committed adultery.

After playing the role of a beautiful young woman who had an affair with a married man, Han So Hee revealed that she no longer wants to get married.

But adultery isn’t the only reason.

I don’t think I can get married. It’s not just because of adultery. Between the characters, Go Ye Rim and Son Jae Hyuk, there was suspicion, anxiousness, mistrust, and a sense of deprivation in their marriage.

– Han So Hee

Han So Hee continued,

The drama portrays the detailed process of a family falling apart. I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever be able to get married myself.

– Han So Hee

Han So Hee also described the effects the drama had on her friends’ relationships, drawing additional attention from fans.

The friends around me don’t want to date anymore after seeing the drama, and one friend who has a baby said she had a hard time mentally after watching the drama.

– Han So Hee

The recent drama, The World of the Married smashed viewership records with a whopping 28.4% for its finale.


Source: Insight