Han So Hee Is So Good At Acting That She Can Even Control Her Scalp

Did you catch this moment in “The World Of The Married”?

Actress Han So Hee has been slowly but surely building up her acting repertoire. She stunned in her later roles, such as Yoo Na Bi in Nevertheless

Han So Hee as Yoo Na Bi.| jtbc

…and as the hard-hitting, ruthless fighter Yoon Ji Woo in My Name.

Han So Hee as Yoon Ji Woo. | Netflix

But her breakout role was the one that shot her to fame for a good reason. She played the redheaded mistress, Yeo Da Kyung, in The World of The Married. Although it was her first leading role, she managed to pull it off flawlessly. Han So Hee’s varied expressions and clear diction made her a quick favorite amongst drama viewers.

She acted out being nervous perfectly, getting the erratic hand movements down to a T.

| jtbc

When she had to confront someone, she was a balanced mix of being calm while letting her anger simmer.

| jtbc

She also went convincingly from the mistress to a scorned woman instantly.

| jtbc

One scene in particular caught the eye of viewers. It was a moment so small and quick that most of us just let it pass by. However, once you see it, you can’t help but be impressed by Han So Hee’s attention to detail.

Dubbed “scalp acting“, Han So Hee’s ever-so-slight movement of her temple and scalp conveyed a subtle but seething anger. In the scene, her lover’s wife exposes their affair in front of her parents. Look carefully to see how her expression remains the same but her scalp moves up and backwards.

| jtbc

Didn’t quite get it? Here’s the clip from the show.

With just a slight movement, Han So Hee managed to prove her acting chops in a completely unexpected way. She’s definitely not just a pretty face!