Han Sunhwa Explains Why She Kept Her Relations with X1’s Han Seungwoo Under Wraps

She also revealed the differences and similarities she shares with her little brother.

Han Sunhwa recently spoke in an interview with the fashion magazine, Grazia, where she drew particular attention by talking about her little brother, X1‘s Han Seungwoo.

When asked about how she felt about Han Seungwoo’s career finally taking off, Han Sunghwa expressed that she’s very proud.

She then went on to explain why she kept her blood relations with Han Seungwoo under wraps.

I was afraid letting people know that I was his big sister when he was just starting out in the entertainment field would become a hindrance to his career, so I tried not to make it obvious.

– Han Sunhwa

Han Sunhwa revealed that she continued to cheer him on from the background, and expressed her hopes that she was someone he could lean on.

Lastly, Han Sunhwa shared the similarities and differences between herself and her brother, Han Seungwoo.

We both have very pale faces, and we both have the nature to always work hard. But aside from that, we’re completely different.

– Han Sunhwa

Here’s hoping both siblings continue to succeed in their careers ahead!

Source: Insight