Han Ye Seul Makes Honest Confession About How Much She Loved Her Ex-Boyfriend

Fans are praising Han Ye Seul for her honesty.

Actress, Han Ye Seul recently uploaded a Q&A video about herself on her YouTube channel where she made an honest confession about love and her ex-boyfriend.

One of the questions was what makes her the most excited and happy, and for Han Ye Seul, the answer to that was love.

She expressed her desire to spend time with the one she loves.

Spending time with the person I love is the most fun, and I think that’s when I’m the happiest.

– Han Ye Seul

And she confessed that she’s bored these days because she doesn’t have someone like that in her life.

I don’t have someone I love right now, so I’m bored. You feel so happy and excited, as if you’re the main lead of a drama or movie. There’s nothing more fun than that.

– Han Ye Seul

But what gained particular attention from fans was when she brought up her ex-boyfriend as the most memorable person in her life.

She answered,

If I have to be honest, I’d say the person I loved the most is the most memorable for me. In that case… can I say it?

– Han Ye Seul

Although it was censored, Han Ye Seul even mentioned the name of the ex-boyfriend, eliciting curiosity among fans.

She went on add,

He was someone I loved the most. I can’t deny it.

– Han Ye Seul

Fans are responding favorably to Han Ye Seul’s honesty with comments such as “I love how honest she is“, “Han Ye Seul is so charming“, and “She’s pure when it comes to love“.

Check out the full Q&A session below:

Source: Dispatch