Han Ye Seul Explains Why She Wants Her Next Relationship to Be Public

She’s so bold!

On a recent episode of MBC’s Unnie’s Salon, Han Ye Seul revealed her honest thoughts on public dating.

On the show, guest couple, Kan Mi Youn and Hwang Ba Wool confessed why they decided to keep their relationship a secret before getting married.

I like to live a peaceful life.

Kan Mi Youn

And in response, the host, Han Ye Seul shared her thoughts on the matter.

To be honest, when I was young, I was cautious and scared, so I preferred to date in secret. But when you date in secret, it comes with many limitations. It’s such a beautiful time. If I meet someone, I want to date publicly. I want to make best of my time with that person.

– Han Ye Seul

When Jo Se Ho joked that he would like any relationship whether it’s private or public, Han Ye Seul sympathized and replied, “Me too.


Source: Dispatch