Han Ye Seul Cleverly Tricks Jay Park Into Thinking They’re the Same Age

There’s actually a fair age gap between them.

Han Ye Seul recently uploaded a video called “Han Ye Seul X Park Jae Bum, Broken GPS” on her official YouTube account.

The video showed Han Ye Seul being interviewed by Jay Park, where she cleverly tricked Jay Park into thinking they’re actually the same age.

Jay Park asked, “I think you’ve been active for a long time. when did you debut?“, to which Han Ye Seul gave a dishonest answer.

I debuted as a supermodel in 2001. I debuted at 16 years old.

– Han Ye Seul

But before proceeding further, Han Ye Seul told Jay Park the truth and confessed that she just tricked him about her age.

The truth is, I just tricked you about my age.

– Han Ye Seul

Han Ye Seul was born in 1981, meaning she’s 39 years old this year.

Han Ye Seul was actually 21 when she debuted, but she bought herself an extra 5 years so that she could look the same age as Jay Park.


Jay Park was born in 1987, making him 33 years old this year.

But Jay Park responded to Han Ye Seul’s joke in the most flattering and considerate way.

Age doesn’t matter. You look so young. I feel like you’re continuously improving yourself. You’re still so hot right now. It’s crazy to be hot for 20 years straight.

– Jay Park

Some of the comments to Han Ye Seul’s joke include “She’s so cute“, “I’d believe her if she said she was 30“, and “Her visuals are crazy“.

Check out the full interview below:

Source: Insight