This Is The Most Handsome Member Of NCT DREAM — According To Visual Center Jaemin

This was his totally unbiased, fully objective choice.

NCT DREAM recently sat down to answer some questions from fans, and Jaemin made everyone laugh with his unexpected answer to the question, “Who’s the most handsome member?

| @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

While Jaemin himself is the visual center of the group, there is someone else who Jaemin thinks is actually the most handsome member. Upon first reading the question, Jaemin gave a wordless response, simply handing the paper to Jeno (but not before Jeno adorably answered it himself, saying, “You,” to Jaemin). Haechan interpreted Jaemin’s silent gesture for the others, saying that Jaemin meant Jeno is the most handsome member.

The others were all suitably impressed with Jaemin’s response, seeing as Jeno is also one of the group’s visuals along with Jaemin. But in an amusing turn of events, Jaemin finally spoke up—and his answer was Jisung! Off to one side, the group’s maknae had been very quietly suggesting his own name…

…and Jaemin ended up making it his final answer. Now, according to NCT DREAM’s visual center, the most handsome member is Jisung!

| @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

You can watch the full video on the link below.



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