The Handsome Korean National Soccer Player That Everyone Is Falling For

He looks like SF9’s Rowoon.

Getting tired of seeing idols on your timeline? Refresh your peepers with this soccer player who has visuals on par with any celebrity!

Meet Jeong Seung Won, a player for Daegu FC in South Korea. Born in 1997, he’s 25 years old internationally this year!

| @seungwon_jeong/Instagram

He’s been sweeping up the female fans, and it’s a no-brainer, given his looks. Born in Jeonju, he was scouted to join Daegu FC in 2016.

| @seungwon_jeong/Instagram

He has played the positions of striker, midfielder and wingback.

| @seungwon_jeong/Instagram

At 170cm tall, he’s a little on the petite side in terms of height but don’t let that fool you! His muscles are well-formed from years of exercise.

| @seungwon_jeong/Instagram

He even has a tattoo on his left arm.

| @seungwon_jeong/Instagram

Many have even commented that he looks like SF9‘s Rowoon.

  • “He looks like SF9’s Rowoon.”
  • “He could join the 97-line idols.”
  • “1997 was an amazing year.”
  • “Wow, can I marry him?”
| @seungwon_jeong/Instagram

Not much is known about his personal life other than his stats and academic qualifications. Get to know more about him through his social media, @seungwon_jeong on Instagram!

Source: theqoo