Haneul Loses Tens of Thousands of Subscribers in the Midst of Employee Abuse and School Violence Controversies

She’s been accused of mistreating her employees, causing her dark past to come to light.

Popular YouTuber and CEO of the lingerie brand, Haneul Haneul, is facing multiple accusations of hitting her employees, leading to the reveal of her past suggesting she was a bully who stole money from her fellow classmates.

The controversies began when a former employee of Haneul Haneul took to a Korean job review site to accuse the CEO, Haneul for exploiting her power.

You see her YouTube channel and thinks he’s great. But the CEO only goes to work when she films for her channel. She likes something one day and hates it the next. She complimented you yesterday for doing a good job, but today, she yells at you for messing up. All the employees check up on the CEO’s mood every morning, but since she doesn’t come to work, we did it through Instagram. Our working hours is from 9 to 5, but if our CEO goes abroad, we have to work according to her time zone, and she calls us at midnight. So why do we even have work hours? The CEO thinks that just because she pays her employees, they should work nights and weekends. She thinks she’s a princess and her employees are her shuttle. She always looks down on her employees but is deluded to think that she’s actually a great CEO.

– Former Employee

Ahead of this review, another former employee claimed that Haneul called her into the meeting room and hit her on the head with a pen, and expressed that the CEO thinks of her employees like slaves.

Although Haneul denied the claims, another post claiming that Haneul used to bully kids in school surfaced, adding to the controversy.

A netizen posted that she went to the same school as Haneul and that Haneul was the classmate who bullied her back in school.

According to the post, Haneul stole her money and beat her up on multiple occasions.

Shortly afterward, Haneul posted an apology regarding the claims of her past.

Hello, this is Haneul. I’m very ashamed of my past when I acted like an immature kid.

I’m writing to sincerely apologize to those that I hurt when I was little.

As I receieved lots of love from many people, I grew afraid and anxious about my past actions. I grew more anxious the more people showed interest in me, which motivated me to work harder.

I reflected upon my actions and thought in the position of the other people, and it just make me feel very sorry.

It might be hard for those who were hurt because of me to face me, but I really want to meet you in person and apologize. I hope you give me the chance to apologize to you.

I’m very sorry to the people I hurt with my actions.

And I’m also sorry to my subscribers and fans who are disappointed in me. You showered me with lots of love, but all I did was disappointment, and that makes my heart feel heavy. I promise to take responsibility for everything and reflect upon my actions.

– Haneul

Despite the apology, Haneul’s YouTube channel which previously had around 880,000 subscribers, recently lost around 50,000 subscribers with many calling her out for controversies.


With more and more of Haneul’s past coming into the light, the once-loved and successful CEO is expected to suffer greatly in multiple aspects pertaining to her business.


Check out a recent Asian Boss video of Haneul’s successful lingerie brand below:

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