Hani Shows Unexpected Response When a Fan’s Gift Is Denied at Customs

Hani truly cares for her fans.

On February 8, EXID‘s Hani was spotted at Gimpo International Airport as she departed for the ‘Valentine Japan Live Tour’, where she received gifts from fans who had been waiting to see her.

But when she tried to go through customs with her gifts, she was told that she couldn’t pass through with one of the gifts she was holding.

When she heard the unfortunate news, she immediately looked for the fan that gave her the gift.

Once she spotted the fan, she said, “If you send this to my company, I’ll pick it up. I’ll just take the letter for now” and flashed her a smile.

The fans who saw this were shocked by how considerate Hani was being by trying her best to explain why she couldn’t bring the gift with her on to the plane.

In particular, the way she made gestures with her bodies was so cute and sweet that the fan clip attracted a lot of attention on the internet.

Watch Hani’s heartfelt response in the clip below:

Source: Insight