Hardcore fanboys at BTS’s WINGS Tour Newark concert are going viral

At BTS‘s sold out concert in Newark, two fanboys came under the spotlight for their dedication and love for BTS!

There is no doubt that fans go all the way when it comes to going to their favorite idol’s concerts, but these two fanboys have been getting special attention for their clothing and love for the boys!

The first fanboy’s bias seems to be Jungkook, since he wore a shirt tank top his Jungkook’s face and a quote from his touching solo song, “Begin”. On the back, the tank top had the phrase “Marry Me Jungkook,” which drove fans crazy.

The two fanboy was even interviewed, along with another male fan who was also openly showing his love for one of the group members.

The second fanboy sported a snapback with “J-Hope” on it, as well as a BTS shirt, proudly revealing his own bias as well.