Harvard Business School Analyzes The Success Of Big Hit Entertainment And BTS

Global super stars.

Harvard Business School released a case study of the success of Big Hit Entertainment and BTS to the public. This study was revealed through the Harvard Business Review online store. The title of the case study was Big Hit Entertainment and Blockbuster Band BTS: K-Pop Goes Global.

They analyzed that BTS was a “true world start with millions of fans around the world”, and “a band of seven men in their twenties that have received unprecedented success worldwide including the U.S. market.”

This 22-page report investigated the success of BTS and the role of Big Hit in the method K-Pop uses to create a super star. They also touch on the story of Big Hit and BTS from the beginning to the current day. They also highlighted Big Hit’s training system and bold decision-making process.

They also included quotes from interviews with Big Hit’s officials and chairman Bang Si Hyuk. “Big Hit’s training program is much like a college class in that we discuss with each trainee to negotiate the best schedule.” They also revealed that they are constantly working on trying to find the best balance of autonomy and system efficiency. They added, “The program also includes a music appreciation course to allow the trainees to find out what type of music that they like and how to make that kind of music.”

They compared and analyzed BTS’s success through Professor Anita Elberse’s ‘Blockbuster Law’. In addition, they explained that they respect the artists’ decision-making power in their contracts as well as K-Pop fans having the most engagement and enthusiasm compared to other music genres.

This case study started last August after a researcher visited Seoul. This study will be used as teaching material for Professor Anita Elberse next semester. Elver announced the case study through social media last month and suggested offering online public lectures to fans.

Source: newsis