Health Clinic Goes Viral For Using BTS To “Promote” Safe Sex

That is one way to do it!

K-Pop fans exist worldwide in all sorts of occupations and trades and at different ages. Because of this, you can find K-Pop in places you would least expect.


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A health clinic worker’s account recently went viral after showcasing how her job uses BTS to “promote” safe sex.


TikTok user Naomi (@fat.rats.only) shared a now-viral TikTok detailing the various methods they use to show they are a BTS stan while at work at a health clinic. These range from a cute photo of Suga in a military uniform being used to encourage patients to use hand sanitizer…

| @fat.rats.only/TikTok

…to using various photos to show how to properly take photos at the check-in station.

| @fat.rats.only/TikTok

What has caught the most attention, however, are the several instances they have creatively used BTS photos to encourage people to take free condoms located on the desk.

| @fat.rats.only/TikTok

| @fat.rats.only/TikTok

While the clinic is not “officially” using BTS to promote safe sex, the funny memes help encourage patients to take steps toward protecting themselves.

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According to Naomi, patients “love them.” When the clinic did something different, someone requested they bring BTS back.

| @fat.rats.only/TikTok

Fans on TikTok have found the photos hilarious and wished they could work there!


K-Pop fans often find the most creative ways to include their hobby while at work!