Heechul Reveals What Kind of Boyfriend He Is in Romantic Relationships

Heechul described his dating style without any hesitation.

In a recent episode of KBS Joy’s 20th Century Hit Song, Super Junior‘s Heechul revealed his dating style which gave fans a better idea of how he is in his romantic relationships.

While listening to various songs from the past, Kim Jong Seo‘s “Beautiful Confinement” came on, which gave Kim Min Ah a chance to ask Heechul about his dating life.

How’s your dating style? Do you restrain them if you love them?

– Kim Min Ah

And Heechul responded to the sudden question without any hesitation.

He explained that he’s the type to let his girlfriends have freedom.

I’m the type to give my girlfriend as much freedom as possible.

– Heechul

And when Kim Min Ah asked if that was neglect, Heechul showed some uncertainty.

I don’t know if it’s neglect. I just try to give them freedom.

– Heechul

In response, Kim Min Ah praised Heechul for having trust, and Heechul acknowledged that quality about himself.

It sounds like you trust your girlfriends. – Kim Min Ah

That’s true. I tend to be pretty clear in that sense. – Heechul

– 20th Century Hit Song

The confession gained significant attention because Heechul confessed to be dating TWICE‘s Momo back in January.

Since the two have kept their relationship private since the news, fans are excited to get a hint about how it’s been for the two gorgeous stars.

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