Heechul And Kang Daniel Went From TWICE Fanboys To TWICE’s Boyfriends

They’re really living fanboys’ ultimate dream.

The confirmation of TWICE‘s Momo and Super Junior‘s Heechul‘s relationship makes it the second public one of the group along with Jihyo and Kang Daniel‘s.


With both of these male idols snatching up the most sought-after female idols, fans wondered how they managed to do it. They’re convinced it’s partly because of their fanboy status.

In a past episode of Wanna One‘s Wanna One Go, Kang Daniel didn’t hesitate to bust out his “Signal” dance moves when Yoon Jisung began to sing the song.

When it came to the four sets of hearts in the choreography, he couldn’t forget those, even though half-asleep. Funnily enough, Heechul did something similar.

On a past episode of Knowing Bros, Momo showed the signature “Signal” dance move. As the fanboy he was, Heechul enthusiastically copied the dance move with a smile.

Momo even joined him, cutely sending signals to each other.

Since Kang Daniel and Heechul both danced to the song, fans joked that was the true secret to becoming the boyfriend of a TWICE member.

Based on the funny coincidence, they may be right. See Kang Daniel and Heechul in their full fanboy modes before they’d entered into relationships with Jihyo and Momo.

TWICE's Momo And Heechul's Relationship