Heechul Has a Very Clever Method of Catching as Many Malicious Netizens as Possible

Heechul uses this method himself.

On a recent episode of JTBC’s Love of 7.7 Billion, Super Junior‘s Heechul revealed a very clever method that he uses in order to catch and charge as many malicious netizens as possible.

On the same day, Heechul remembered late Sulli and late Goo Hara and stressed the harm that malicious netizens put on celebrities.

He then went on to explain a clever way of suing the malicious netizens that prove to the most effective.

Heechul shared that it’s effective to give all the profits earned from lawsuits to the lawyer rather than keep it for yourself.

Since we’re not going after the malicious netizens to earn money, some people give all of their profits from the lawsuits to their lawyers.

– Heechul


That means that if the lawyer happened to catch many malicious netizens and they obtained profits from fines and settlement money, it would all go to the lawyer.

Since their earnings increase the more malicious commenters they catch, the lawyers feel motivated to catch as many as possible.

After introducing this clever method, Heechul added that he also uses this method himself.

I do this, too.

– Heechul

In a broadcast after the show, Heechul expressed his strong will to catch the malicious netizens no matter what.

I have nothing to lose. It’ll be hard, but I’ll do it. I’ll work hard to clean the internet up. I heard they have strong firepower and unity, so let’s see if they can be like that in front of the police and their own families. Show us your firepower and unity at the police station.

– Heechul


Following this announcement, there is great anticipation among fans for how he will deal with malicious commenters in the future.

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