A Fortune Teller Once Told Heechul About His Future Wife

Heechul’s future wife sounds a lot like Momo.

In light of the recent news of Momo and Heechul‘s relationship, a video of a fortune teller reading Heechul’s future marriage as become a hot topic online.

Back in April of 2019, Heechul met with a fortune teller who told him about his future relationship.

The fortune teller started off by telling Heechul that he has the luck to get married by the year 2022.

He also told him what kind of wife he’ll meet, which surprised both Heechul and the viewers.

I can see monetary luck in your wife’s spot, meaning you’ll probably meet a woman who is very capable.

– Fortune Teller

What’s even more surprising is what the fortune teller told Heechul about the nationality of his future wife.

I can see that you might meet a woman who has a foreign nationality.

– Fortune Teller

The fortune teller also elaborated on Heechul’s tendency to chase after pretty girls.

You have many women in your fortune, but none of them are yours. You have a lot of women around you, but you have a tendency to like pretty girls, and you tend to easily get tired people. So if another beautiful woman appears, you could totally switch over. There are many women, but you might not see just one woman that you like.

– Fortune Teller

He described Heechul’s dating life further by using a flower field metaphor.

You’re playing on the flower field, but there’s no one flower that belongs to you.

Fortune Teller

Fans who discovered this past video responded with comments such as “So he was destined to be with a foreign woman“, “Momo and Heechul look perfect together“, and “Does this mean they might get married?

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