Heechul Was Once Caught With Momo’s Lipstick, but Nobody Noticed

The lipstick was discovered on Heechul’s vanity last year.

In light of the recent news that Super Junior‘s Heechul and TWICE‘s Momo are dating, it has recently been discovered that Heechul was caught with Momo’s lipstick on a variety show just last year, yet nobody noticed.

On last year’s episode of Channel A’s Favorite Sunday, Heechul introduced his clean and organized house to the audience.

But model Han Hye Jin, who was going around admiring the clean house, suddenly discovered something and exclaimed, “What’s this?

What Han Hye Jin found on Heechul’s vanity was a Chanel lipstick.

Han Hye Jin teased, “You forgot to hide this“, while Heechul expressed his shock as he explained, “I got it as a gift…. from a fan.

On the other hand, Momo has previously revealed in a live broadcast that she always carries a Chanel lipstick in her purse.

As soon as it was revealed that the same lipstick was discovered in Heechul’s house last year, fans are responding with comments such as “Was that Momo’s?“, “Did they buy it as a couple?“, and “How did we miss this?

Check out the old clip below:

Source: Insight

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