Here’s How Heechul Reacted To Jessi Saying She Could Have Debuted In Girls’ Generation Or The Grace

Only Heechul would say that 😂

Jessi and Super Junior‘s Heechul gave viewers a good laugh when they displayed their close friendship in an interview. He didn’t hold back when she revealed a very interesting fact about herself!

During the interview, Jessi brought up the time she almost became an SM Entertainment trainee.

Do you remember this? Back in the day, I passed the SM Entertainment audition and almost signed a contract with them.

— Jessi

The moment the words left her mouth, Heechul shouted in shock, letting out a few choice words.

Unfazed, Jessi further explained that she could have debuted in The Grace or Girls’ Generation if she had signed the contract.

Heechul just couldn’t believe it.

Upon seeing his reaction, Jessi joked that he was looking down on her…

…But he insisted that she misunderstood because he meant something else altogether.

He clarified that he thinks she is a beautiful woman now.

Gushing, she playfully hit him on the shoulder, and that was the end of their mini “fight”!

Watch the full video below.

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