Jessi Reveals She Could Have Debuted In Girls’ Generation

Tiffany said they could’ve been in a sub-unit together.

Girls’ Generation is considered one of the most famous K-Pop groups until today. Ever since their debut with nine members in 2007, they’ve released hit song after hit song.

What few fans know is that the now-famous solo rapper Jessi almost had the chance to debut with the group! It was revealed that she was casted for SM Entertainment at the same time as Tiffany, although she eventually turned down the offer.

I could have almost become a member of Girls’ Generation!

— Jessi

According to Tiffany, if the other artist had pursued the idol life in the same company, they may have even formed their own sub-unit.

If she joined the team with me, I think we could’ve paired as a subgroup first.

— Tiffany

Thinking about their friendship over a decade ago, Jessi revealed just how memorable her impression of Tiffany was: “Tiffany was very tanned back then in yellow hair. Back then, Tiffany moved from LA“.

As they met at a foreign school and were both trainees fighting to be on top of the industry, their impression of each other was tense but grudgingly impressed.

We were young girls. There was that weird war of nerves between trainees. I was like, ‘Wuts dis girl?’ [but also] ‘So pretty, girl!’

— Jessi

Despite not debuting together, both Jessi and Tiffany ended up successfully chasing their dreams. They even met up again in a separate show and formed a temporary K-Pop group together.

But I thought it was all meant to be. We eventually teamed up in a program called ‘Unnies‘ and we fought a lot during the promotion. Even after a long time, we can still take a moment to chat.

— Tiffany

If you want to see more of their meaningful conversations, check out the full video below.

Source: YouTube

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