Heechul Says All Celebrities Should Be Like IU When Dealing With Malicious Comments

“You have to deal with them like IU.” – Heechul

On an episode of JTBC’s Love of 7.7 Billion, Super Junior‘s Heechul talked about malicious comments against celebrities and how IU is a good example of how all celebrities should handle them.

During the discussion surrounding malicious comments and mental health, it was revealed that going to a psychiatric clinic is taboo in Korea.

And in response, Heechul added that visiting one makes things even worse for a celebrity.

If it gets out that you went, you start getting malicious comments about how you went there.

— Heechul

Heechul continued that although major agencies like SM Entertainment provide extensive support for mental health, none of that matters after just one malicious comment.

SM Entertainment is a big company, so they have a good system and support for things related to mental health. But even with the help of your company, hospital, doctor, or friends, just one malicious comment makes all of that useless.

— Heechul

According to Heechul, that means the only way to deal with malicious comments is to sue them, but he explained that it’s not so easy.

You have no choice but to sue the malicious commenters, but it’s not that easy. It actually takes a long time.

— Heechul

But Heechul advised that all celebrities should deal with malicious commenters the way IU does.

You have to deal with them like IU. There’s no adequate management. She’s someone who overcomes malicious comments and proceeds with her career wisely.

— Heechul

Heechul explained that IU has already sued all the malicious commenters herself and that as a result, the malicious commenters are the ones venting about their stress and treating IU as if she was the perpetrator.

If you meet with the malicious commenters, they talk about their disadvantage and vent about their stress. What’s crazy is that they talk about IU as if she’s the perpetrator and not the victim.

— Heechul

Check out the full clip below: