Super Junior’s Heechul Had A Surprising Reputation In The Military, Lee Seung Gi Tells All

Lee Seung Gi revealed Heechul’s secret military reputation to the “Knowing Bros” cast.

On JTBC’s Knowing Bros, Lee Seung Gi revealed that Super Junior’s fearless Heechul had a very different reputation in the military.


Lee Seung Gi told the cast members that, prior to joining the army, he hadn’t had much personal interaction with Heechul. As such, he formed an idea of Heechul’s personality that ended up being at odds with its reality.

The actor found Soldier Heechul to be much cuter than Idol Heechul, due to his “secret” reputation.


When Lee Seung Gi asked the cast members to guess what kind of reputation Heechul had, he was flooded with hilarious, but incorrect, answers.


After several clues, Min Kyung Hoon finally guessed, “He’s a crybaby.


Heechul hurried to explain.


He told the cast that he had completed his military service as a public service worker due to a leg injury, but he hated hearing people talk about celebrities entering public service in order to get out of serving as active duty soldiers.


So, at training camp, Heechul gave 110%. He marched even though his leg hurt, and ended up worsening his injury. He had to get around on crutches.


Heechul had cried a lot, not because he was a crybaby, but because his injured leg kept him from doing more active duty work. He definitely isn’t one to give up easily!


Check out Lee Seung Gi’s and Heechul’s segment here!

Source: My Daily

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