The Sphynx Kitty Suspected to Be Sulli’s Spotted in Heechul’s Home on “My Little Old Boy”

The cat suspected to be Sulli’s appeared on SBS’s “My Little Old Boy”.

On a recent episode of SBS’s My Little Old Boy, Super Junior‘s Heechul revealed his daily life which also included taking care of his cats and dogs.

After his hectic schedule ending at around 1 o’clock in the morning, Heechul still bathed his dog after a walk and cleaned his cats’ litter boxes.

What drew particular attention was the Sphynx cat that has been suspected to have been adopted from Sulli after her passing.

On the show, the cat was seen fooling around on his bed as well as following Heechul around.

Last month, Heechul held a live broadcast, where this Sphynx cat sparked many fans’ interest.

Netizens asked Heechul if that was Sulli’s cat to which Heechul responded with, “That’s a secret.

Source: Dispatch