Heize Still Carries Around Wired Earphones In The Era Of Airpods — Here’s Why

The reason is what makes her a great artist.

During a “What’s-In-My-Bag” feature with Allure Magazine Korea, soloist Heize shared the contents of her bag. Not only did she introduce a couple of her favorite items, including a perfume from Le Labo, she also shocked the set when she took out her earphones. She shared the reason why she still carries around wired earphones when its practically the era of AirPods or other wireless earphones these days.

Heize doesn’t just carry around one pair of wired earphones. She has at least two to three in her bag at all times.

These are my wired earphones. I always use them so I have them around everywhere. Sometimes there’s one in my bag, or two, or three. The reason I keep using wired earphones is, firstly, I might lose wireless ones. Secondly, another reason why I insist on it is, when making songs, rather than using really good earphones to monitor, I wanted to make songs that match to the sound that everyone is familiar with. For my last album, I used wired earphones to monitor every song.

— Heize

Although Heize knows that even better earphones will be made in the future, she will continue to stick to her old wired earphones for now! We totally respect her dedication to her artistry.

Catch the full video below.