Heize Once Taught A Young Girl How To Turn Her Loss Into Song

Heize is the big sister we’d all want to comfort us!

Heize may have been busy with her most recent comeback, “Happen, which topped the charts and even scored a music video cameo from Song Joong Ki, but in the midst of her promotions she still found time to sit down with the cast of kids at odg for a special musical collaboration.

Heize | @OfficialPNation/Instagram

The idea was simple, combine Heize’s talent for emotional musical expression with the children’s raw first experiences with break-ups and loss and see what kind of lyrics they can create together. It was then that she was introduced to her young co-lyricists, Seong Ha Rang and Na Ha Eun. When meeting Ha Eun, Heize gave a special glimpse into her awkward charms by confidently attempting an impromptu duet rendition of “You, Clouds, Rain” where Heize was left to sing alone.

Heize (Right) and her surprised duet partner, Na Ha Eun (Left). | ODG/Youtube

After introductions, Ha Eun revealed that even though she’s so young, she feels she can relate to Heize’s break up songs because of the loss of her pet hamster. As comfort, Heize revealed that she too lost her pet hamster at a young age and expressed how impressed she was at the young girl’s strength to adopt another hamster.

Hwangdo, one of Ha Eun’s Hamster. | ODG/Youtube

When Ha Eun’s diary was brought out, it was revealed that she had lost not one, but two pet hamsters within a year of each other. An audibly choked up Heize read out what Ha Eun had written. 

Baekdo, the second of Ha Eun’s Hamster. | ODG/Youtube

In my tenth winter Hwangdo fell into a long sleep first,

In my eleventh spring Baekdo went off to see its friend.

In your next lives, born as a person who can live longer and become my friend. That’s my wish

— Heize reading words by Na Ha Eun

Heize reading Ha Eun’s Diary featuring Ha Eun’s Handwritten words. | ODG/Youtube

Heize then started taking Ha Eun’s written words and added her own rephrasing to create one cohesive sound giving us a brief look into what the studio must look like when Heize writes.

Before they were ready to put the music with the lyrics, Heize decided to share her instrumental (which just so happened to be that of her new song “Happen”) with Ha Eun. It’s said that nothing is more honest than a child and when asked if she liked the music for the song, Ha Eun hesitated then replied with a simple “not bad” which prompted a huge fit of laughter from Heize.

Heize after being told her song “Happen” was “Not Bad.” | ODG/Youtube

With lyrics written and music (sort of) approved by the her co-lyricist, now all that was left was premiering the song with a live performance by Heize herself.

Heize is just the kind of big sister we’d want to get us through a break up and she gave the rare opportunity to see a song writer’s process in action. To hear how the song turned out and see her whole interaction with Ha Eun plus another sweet story that’s sure to tug at your heart strings, check out the full video below from ODG.

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