When Henry Lau First Got To Korea He Thought Koreans Were Saying This Instead Of “Chopsticks”

Learning new languages can be a struggle.

Being a foreigner in a new land is bound to bring some communication mishaps, and former Super Junior member Henry Lau was no exception. He came to Korea as a trainee without speaking a word of Korean and had to fake it till he made it.


Henry explained one such language blunder was that he didn’t understand the Korean word for chopsticks. “Chopsticks” in Korean is 젓가락 (jeotgarak), but Henry heard “chocolate.”

He said that even when he went to restaurants he always made sure to ask for “chocolate, please!”

Those of us who have learned, or are in the process of learning a new language can completely relate to Henry’s misunderstanding. His efforts paid off though; Korean is now one of the 5 languages that Henry is fluent in!

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