Here’s How 1’st Generation K-Pop Idols Secretly Dated Vs. How Idols May Secretly Date Now

1’st generation idols had to be a bit more creative.

K-Pop idols dating can always be a sensitive topic, where fans sometimes aren’t in favor of their idols dating. This is why many idols choose to date in secrecy. On an episode of Happy Together, Moon Hee Jun and Hwangbo were some of the guests on the episode. These two debuted as first-generation K-Pop idols, where they both debuted in the 1990s.

They share that dating used to be a little difficult back in the days, where they didn’t have things like social media and smartphones. Hwangbo shares how people like backup dancers were people who relayed messages.

Another method that 1’st generation K-Pop idols used was hiding messages under drinks.

Hwangbo was curious as to how idols date nowadays, so she asked April‘s Naeun. Naeun shares that idols use things like social media and direct messaging to interact. Many idols also go to the same salon to get their hair and makeup done. Current idols like to use people in these salons to relay messages to each other.

Here is the full video below!