Here’s 3 Moments That Prove BTS’s RM Is Truly A Heartwarming Guy

RM has got it all from talent, visuals, and personality!

BTS’s RM has shown many times his qualifications for being a great leader to the members. He is not only passionate and caring as a leader to the members but also to ARMYs. He is always very thoughtful and remains positive even in the darkest of situations. Here are three touching stories revealed by fans that prove RM is truly a heartwarming guy.




During BTS fan meetings, the members call each fan by name and also hold their hand. One fan, who had a skin disease, asked RM not to hold her hand because of her skin condition. RM, however, took a hold of her hand and said, “It’s okay. Your hands are really pretty.” This gesture truly showed how considerate RM was as he understood that the fan might have felt bad that he had to hold her hand.




Another instance was when a big fan of RM attended a BTS fan meeting for the first time. Seeing that she was nervous, RM started chatting with her first and held her hand while smiling. When it came time to move on to the next member, RM said, “Now that you have practiced with me, don’t be nervous when you get to your favorite member.”




The last story was revealed by someone who worked for a short period of time at Big Hit Entertainment. They were models for Puma at the time and the date for their Puma fan meeting was suddenly pushed back. After hearing the news, RM asked, “Then what about our fans?” The staff member was touched at his reaction in worrying about their fans first.




RM is truly a humble yet intellectual person who is seen as one of the best leaders by many K-Pop groups. It’s no wonder he is receiving an overwhelming amount of love and support by fans all over the world.






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