Here’s How A.C.E’s Kim Byeongkwan Acts When He Meets A Sasaeng In A Place They Shouldn’t

This is how they would react in these types of situations.

During a past A.C.E episode on 연모해 (Are You Curious What Goes On In The Practice Room?), member Kim Byeongkwan answered the question of how he would act if he met a fan. He set up three instances in which he could potentially meet a fan.


Three settings in which they could meet a fan included: in an official setting, randomly on the street, and in a place they shouldn’t be (such as their dorms).


In the first instance, Kim Byeongkwan reacted sweetly, waving to his fans and doing aegyo.


In the second instance, he waves politely as he greets fans on the street.


In the last instance, he gives off a “death stare” making members crack up. This perfectly expressed idols true feelings of having their personal space being invaded by sasaengs.


What do you think of his reactions? Were they spot on?


You can watch their full interview below!

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