How Well Do You Know BTS’s Features: Take This Quiz To Find Out

How many did you get right?

Previously, EBS’s Janghak Quiz held a BTS-themed episode where students competed against each other with their knowledge of BTS. EBS’s YouTube channel released a video titled BTS quiz isn’t over! and had two of the contestants from the BTS episode try to guess the members just by looking at photos of certain parts of their body.

Let’s take a look at the questions and see how many you can guess correctly!


Question 1: Pupil

The contestants were confused between Jin and V for this question. What’s your answer?


Question 2: Nostril

Contestants were confused because of the mole on the nose.


Question 3: Ear

The contestants tried to guess the member based on the piercings seen in the photo.


Question 4: Lips

Can you guess this member just by looking at their lips?


Question 5: Knee

Contestants were for sure this was a picture of Suga‘s knee. Are they right?


Last Question: Adam’s apple

Contestants were for certain for this last question.



Here are the answers:







How many did you get correct? Let us know!


Watch the full video below.