Here’s How BIGBANG’s Taeyang Protected G-Dragon From His High School Bullies

BFF’s always being there for each other.

BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon and Taeyang have quite the friendship, as they have been friends for essentially their whole lives.

There are many heartwarming stories between the two, such as when Taeyang saved G-Dragon from getting bullied. G-Dragon had to make adjustments when he got to high school, as it was his first experience with a public school. The one positive aspect was that he was going to the same high school as Taeyang.

G-Dragon’s first day at a public school was quite an intimidating one, especially because of the people who were paying attention to him.

G-Dragon was so intimated that he couldn’t focus during class.

Once class ended, the bullies started to gang up on G-Dragon.

The provoking didn’t stop there, as they continuously harassed him with questions.

G-Dragon did his best to ignore them, but that only made the bullies angry.

Out of nowhere, Taeyang suddenly appeared to save G-Dragon. Taeyang went as far as pushing the bullies away from G-Dragon.

G-Dragon had an immediate sigh of relief once Taeyang came.

Here is the full video below!


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