Here’s The Biggest, Most Heartbreaking Lie IU Has Ever Told Her Parents

Her honest answer has us all tearing up.

IU once revealed the biggest lie she ever told her parents, and it’s breaking all of our hearts.

IU | @dlwlrma/Instagram

In January 2019, IU released the Jieun Book as part of her official merchandise for her fan club members.

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In the book, IU answered questions that fans had submitted anonymously. While many of her answers had Uaenas smiling, one answer broke their hearts.

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A fan asked IU what the biggest lie she’d ever told her parents was.

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IU’s short, simple answer was absolutely heartbreaking. She said, “I sleep well these days.” 

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IU likely told this lie to her parents to keep them from worrying about her. As an incredibly busy K-Pop superstar, IU probably has lots of things on her mind that keep her awake at night even if she’s tired.

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We hope that IU can rest well from now on and that she never has to tell this lie again.

Source: Insight