Here’s How BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Beat Out The Competition To Become The Female Lead For “Snowdrop”

She impressed the journalists too!

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo was cast as the female lead for K-Drama, Snowdrop, as many would already know. Snowdrop tells the tale of an elite university student that suddenly appears in the middle of a female dormitory covered in blood. In the midst of chaos, Eun Youngcho (played by Jisoo), treats his wounds and covers up his scandalous presence. Set in 1987, the throwback drama tells a touching love story shrouded by mystery and the controversial student riots that overtook South Korea in the 1980s.

A journalist, Kim Ga Young, gave an interview of the process of how the drama had chosen its leads. As Snowdrop was one of 2021’s most anticipated dramas, the competition for the female lead was especially fierce.

She stated that many, many actresses had tried out for the role through auditions. According to Kim Ga Young, there were famous actresses that auditioned for the drama, but ultimately, Jisoo was chosen.

During a closed doors press event, Jisoo particularly impressed the journalists. It was said that she was extremely confident in answering the questions, and she even showed off her studious side by jotting down the questions posed. Jisoo had looked the reporters in the eye and gave sincere replies, making a deep impression on them.

Just what can’t our Chichu do?

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Snowdrop aired between December 2021 to January 2022 and received lots of attention due to the stellar cast and crew. It also starred Jung Hae In and Kim Hye Yoon.