Here’s How BTS Has Helped Fans Around The World With Their Mental And Emotional Health

“So yeah BTS pretty much changed my life…”

It’s absolutely undeniable the impact global phenomenons and international superstars BTS have had on the music scene since their debut in 2013.

One of BTS’s major messages has been the concept of self-love and it’s importance. They’ve also discussed the importance of positivity when being interviewed about the joy they spread to fans.

ARMYs open up about how BTS has helped their mental and emotional health, and their stories will touch your heart and make you cry.

This ARMY talks about how they developed anxiety and depression…

Now personally, I sincerely did find BTS at a when I needed them. My life had become boring and monotone, it had become routine. The thing about me is that I develop a sense of anxiety (I’ve been diagnosed) and depression whenever this happens because I despise when life becomes too same-same and monotonous, I finding it dooming. However, finding BTS made everyday a new day and to this very day surprise me with how how much they make me anticipate another day. BTS were different, they weren’t your cookie-cutter boyband that shows up only to look good and have fans fawn over them, they’re not only pretty boys with no real talent or just being used by a big company as a way to make money. They were genuine people with a genuine message. The thing that actually made me stan BTS and become ARMY was after learning about all their struggles and hardships before becoming as big as they are now. It made me appreciate how humble, modest and authentic they still are.

—Samiyah Khan, ARMY

… Before going on to talk about how BTS has helped them think more positively.

I’m pretty sure everyone has struggled with the idea of happiness and how to find it. I had been going through that phase for a very long time until where I am today, a place where I can say I genuinely feel happy and content with my life. They provide such an astounding level of energy and enthusiasm in my life that puts a smile on my face and makes me think so positively compared to my overthinking, anxiety-ridden snd negative thoughts.

—Samiyah Khan, ARMY

Another ARMY talked about how loving them helps her be a more optimistic person, conscious of the blessings in her life.

That’s why, while we might never meet, I know BTS is rooting for me and every single other young person who is finding it hard to love themselves. Loving them clears my thoughts, and makes me optimistic and more conscious about all of the blessings that come my way. Just being a part of their fandom makes me feel like I’m part of something bigger than I can put into words. My fellow fans are some of the most charitable, caring and wildly hilarious group of people that you’ll ever come across online. They come from all different walks of life and make every day worth looking forward to—just as much as the boys do.

—Kesya Sacariah, ARMY

When this ARMY went through a time in her life that was so difficult she contemplated s*icide, she used their music to help heal herself.

Well I’ve been an ARMY since 2013 but they helped me in 2017 and 2018. My parents divorced in 2017 and it affected me really bad. I fell in depression. I didn’t go out, barely talked to anyone, lost all my friends, wanted to commit suicide and other bad stuff. My whole life i’ve been in a abusive family yet I still loved my dad. I started to pay more attention to BTS’ lyrics in 2017 (especially in 2018) and noticed how much i relate to some of their song. I’m not gonna name all of the songs but they made me think positive, confident and loved. I started to love myself more, go out more and start conversations with people. They encouraged me to become a better person. Pretty soon I forgot about the divorce and depression. Now I have many friends that actually care for me cuz I realized that all my ex friends were fake and toxic. I moved to another school and started a “new” life. So yeah BTS pretty much changed my life 🙂

—Gabriella Rossi, ARMY

Yet another ARMY discussed her struggle growing up feeling self-conscious, particularly as she was the only girl in a set of triplets. Struggling with her identity and not quite sure how she should act and who she should be, she ended up finding BTS’s music and it had a profound effect on her.

I discovered things about myself, I changed my mind about so many things, I’m so much more out going, I now know I’m silly and positive and beautiful. I can go past a mirror and smile at myself and call myself the most beautiful and unique person out there and that people around me are lucky to have. That I’m lucky to be me.

Though there are times when I still self conscious about my looks, I remind myself that my body does alot of things for me, feet that takes me places, hands that let me do things I love, eyes that let me see wonders, a body that works hard for me to be alive experiencing amazing things.

I also remind myself that my body is for me to love and cherish, and that it’s what’s on the inside that matters.

—Anonymous, ARMY

It’s awe-inspiring how BTS has managed to touch the lives of so many people through their music. Has listening to BTS encouraged positive mental and emotional health for you? What are your experiences like?