Here’s Why BTS’s J-Hope Was Shocked When He First Met Suga

This is a unique first interaction.

While BTS‘s J-Hope and Suga are close like family now, their first interaction with each other was quite a unique one.

When BTS appeared on MBC‘s C-Radio Idol True Colors, J-Hope shared that his first impression of Suga was a strong one.

The reason why was that when J-Hope first went to their dorm, Suga was walking around wearing nothing but his underwear.

Suga explained that he had just come out of the shower and that J-Hope met him at a rather awkward time.

This was a shocking moment for J-Hope, as he had a “fantasy” of what trainees would look like, and this ended up getting “crushed” after his first interaction with Suga.

Jimin then added that he had a similar experience to J-Hope, as Suga was in his underwear when he first met him as well.

However, it seems that Suga rubbed off on J-Hope, as J-Hope was wearing nothing but his underwear when he first met Jin.

Here’s the full video below!