Here’s How BTS’s RM Reacted To A Marriage Proposal From A Fan

“Namjoon, will you marry me?”

It isn’t everyday that we have the opportunity to propose to our bias, and this ARMY was all of us when she saw her chance and took it.

As one of the fans whose video was featured on a large screen during BTS‘s Map Of The Soul ON:E concert, she chose not to show her face but to hold up a sign that read, “Namjoon, will you marry me?

Luckily for the fan, Jungkook saw the sign and excitedly pointed it out to RM. His reaction?

He laughed out loud.

The fan posted on Twitter that she is thankful to Jungkook for giving her the opportunity to propose to RM…but she is quite disappointed he stepped back when he read her sign.

In a turn of events, another ARMY pointed out that he ran straight to her area during the concert. In other words, even if he didn’t accept her proposal, he at least noticed her more than once.

The ARMY may not have gotten her wish to marry RM, but she is still lucky that he acknowledged her presence. Not a lot of people can say the same thing!

If RM decides to get married in the future, his spouse will be the luckiest of all!

Source: @hanami1013