Here’s BTS’s RM and V Holding Hands And Sliding Right Into Your UWU Feels

Another iconic #vmon moment for everyone!

At the Osaka leg of their “Speak Yourself” tour, BTS‘s RM and V were spotted being best buddies on the blow-up slide set for “Anpanman” and fans are falling in love all over again with this V & RM combo!

This video caught RM and V climbing their way on to the slide set…

… and successfully making it to the top!

RM takes a seat by the slide first, then calls V over to the seat next to him.

V happily crawls over to RM and sits himself down for a fun-filled slide ride down… except he doesn’t know what to do with his hands.

That’s when RM held his hand out for V to hold. The two then tightly hang on to each other while they whoop down the slide!

Where have these two landed? Right in the UWU zone of all ARMYs. Fans absolutely adore this brotherly moment between RM and V and continue to support the establishment of “VMON Nation“.

Watch the full clip below:


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