Here’s Why BTS’s V And Jimin Are Perfect Partners In Crime, Too Bad Jin Was Better Than Them, Though

Jin’s response to their crime is honestly unexpected.

It’s a well-known fact that BTS‘s and Jimin are the best of friends.

Ever since they’ve attended the same high school together, prior to debuting as members of BTS…

…these two have already considered each other as their “soul mates”.

This can be seen in the way they interact with each other.

One example is when Jimin can predict exactly what V is thinking, even when V doesn’t need to say a word.

Another is when V reaches out to Jimin first whenever he needs a comforting hug.

And finally, their relationship with each other is evident in the way they planned a crime together, without prior communication.

In this moment, check out how V saw Jimin trying to pour water over Jin, so V tried his best to distract Jin.

So, when the moment came for Jimin to finally implement his plan, his face was overjoyed! Just look at how happy he looked:

He really took the time out to savor his “perfect crime”…

…but he wasn’t aware that Jin also had a revenge plan that was already prepared beforehand, so he ran. V, in his effort to assist him, also took a water bottle from Jungkook and ran after them.

In the end, it’s a good thing RM was also on Jimin’s side: he ran after Jin to avenge Jimin’s fate.

Because of the closeness between V and Jimin, did you know that V got angry at his friends in the past because he thought they were “bullying” his best friend Jimin? Full details of what really happened can be found by clicking on the article below:

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